Chris Evain: getting started


I’m still fairly new to this form of communication and I am amazed to discover how easy it is to post comments, save them for further proof-reading and then come back to them for posting, etc. I do hope our partners will not shy away from using this tool . I just wanted to say that if there is anything that we need to add to our guidelines to help potential bloggers find their way around this blog, please let us know!

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Hello Chris!
Well done! Congratulations for your first blog post! Hope there will be plenty more.

In fact, you do not need to create a tag with your name: it is possible to see all the posts written by a person by simply click on the name, under the title of the article (after “Posted by…”). It is really convenient to read all the stuff written by a single author :-)

Thanks for the encouragement! Yes I’m getting there!
Anne-Céline said she would provide advice for our “Guidelines” and promised to get back to me next Tuesday! Just in time for us to finalize our blog and launch it on the day of the Forum!
I got in touch with Florent: The video should be ready soon.

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