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I work as a translator, mostly of American and British crime novels into French. I’ve always had the project of setting up a web site but have never gotten down to it. A web site with links about the authors I’ve translated, but also about language as well as other passions of mine. One final note : as I am blind, the site would have to meet certain accessibility guidelines, providing even more challenge for whomever might feel up to it!

contact : Frédéric Grellier 06 62 33 26 79

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your project seems highly interesting, as I am very curious of how to develop a website meeting accessibility requirements. I am ready for the challenge and I really want to complete the project.

I am not sure whether I will be able to do it alone, so if someone wants to join me, they are welcome !

Elsa Arrou-Vignod

Hello. Great! I sure hope others will join you in this herculean task!

Hello again,
the group of student working on your project is still not definitely formed yet, but I’d like to begin anyway to think about your web site. Could you give me your e-mail address, or directly send me a message at , so that I can ask you questions and define the objectives of your site ?

We’ll let you know by the end of the week who exactly is going to work on this project, but for the moment some students are waiting for other projects approval.

Thank you,
Elsa Arrou-Vignod

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