Knowing Nantes blog

Project Knowing Nantes blog.

I have been running a blog for Knowing Nantes for the last 3 years.
I have around 220 posts on it.
I set it up originally on Blogger and now want something more sophisticated in terms of design, directory and tagging.
I have an account with Typepad if that’s an option which I have pottered around with, or you could create something from

Design Brief
Contemporary, energetic, “where it’s at!”, Nantaise, French chic, interesting, enticing the surfer to add comments!
All blog posts would need to be transferred, re-tagged with a new directory.

Blog is in English so appeals to any English speaking people, but specifically, ex-pats living in France, KN members and general
people interested in France and Nantes.

Currently I have Google Ads, but I would like to encourage local, national or English companies to advertise on the blog also.

Links/social marketing
I would like links to Twitter, Facebook (I have two pages for Knowing Nantes on Facebook) and any other major on-line social network.
RSS feeds
Blog followers
Links to Knowing Nantes web-site and Knowing Nantes Biz web-site.
Feed to videos about Nantes You Tube

Current Blog address

Please let me know if you need more info…
Many thanks Sue Alouche

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We’re a team of four students and we’re very interested in your subject. Is it possible to contact you in order to have further details?

Best regards,
Flávio Raposo de Almeida

Good evening,

We have visited your blog and its containt appears to be really consistent and original. We do believe that transforming it into a website would be an exciting and interesting project. Therefore, we’d really appreciate to work with you on this project. We are a group of four students and we are ready to do our best to match your expectations. Please feel free to contact us, in order to have further details.
Yours sincerely,
Guillaume Ducret

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