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Update on project validation

Green light: English Forum/English Language Consultant
Maxime Legendre
Nicolas Bouillon
Alexandre Duhem
Jeremie Sroussi
BDE group: to be confirmed when project details are handed in.
BDA: the group is too large! Keep us posted on your second choice for 2 group members.
Rugby site: no post, no project!

Web Marketing presentation

As you know, Simon and I will be organizing regular meetings Monday lunchtime to go over your Web Marketing presentations. Every week, we encourage other members of the group to do a little research on the themes we will be covering.
This week’s theme is “Online advertising”. So if you have any suggestions you want to [...]

Project updates

Two more projects are given the green light:
Frédéric Grellier:




LAN Alice



JOUANNY Pierre-Olivier

LU You

Guillaume Moreau will get in touch with the BDE group (or vice versa) and I’m still waiting to hear from the last two groups (BDA and Rugby site)… please contact me! Christine Evain

Official project approval

The following projects have been given a green light:

Invest in France: Frédéric Doisy, Elsa Laugareil, Benjamin Vialle. If possible, find an extra student
Luxury spas: Cyrielle Kleffer, Benoit Vandevelde, Tianjie Xu, Julia Feste
Christine Tessier Conseil: Julien Biger, Hélène Florent, Murielle Hadad, Cassandre Marquois
D2I – York: Sophie Courtay, Marine Lannic, Eric Lebon
Frédéric Grellier: Elsa Arrou-Vignod, please find [...]

projet college saint joseph savenay

En quelques mots nous possédons déjà un site qui se meurt et qui n’est plus au goût du moment. Nous voulons faire peau neuve. Pour cela il nous parait indispensable de faire une étude sur le contenu, la disposition pour un site qui sera une vitrine pour un établissement scolaire. Ceci pour les parents, les [...]