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1st meeting with tutors – English Forum & English Language Consultant

Here is the report of our first meeting with our tutors Jean-Yves Martin and Angela Chelet, about the two projects of Murray Adams:
1st report – English Forum & English Language Consultant

2nd meeting with tutors – AMoussetProject

Here is the report we wrote after our second meeting with our both tutors, Mr. Carolan and Mr. Tourre, and Aude Mousset.
Second meeting – 03_16_2010 – AMoussetProject
Feel free to comment or to ask any questions.
Our third report is planned on Tuesday, 30th March.

Conference delayed for an hour but not postponed!

Today’s conference  with Benoît Vasseur will take place at 4:45 PM , in B8.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Your team of teachers

Chapter on Social Media Marketing: homework

Hello everybody,
In order to prepare our course on “Social Media Marketing”, we would
like you to analyse the representation of a firm on following sites :
The list of the firms is available on doodle :
You need to subscibe by pairs.
If you have any questions contact us.
Thank you very much
We hope you will enjoy our course
See you [...]

Conférence du 24 mars dans le cadre de la “Journée Partenaire Orange Business Services”

10h à  12h -  Amphi B9 : Présentation
Les filiales NRS, un moteur indispensable au développement des offres Real-Time-Business au sein d’Orange Business Services
Intervenant : Laurent Barbé (Senior Vice Président)
IT& L@bs, un industriel dans la réalisation et l’intégration d’Offres-sur-Mesure IT
Intervenant : Jean-Yves Foret (Directeur de la Région Grand Ouest)
Marc Tremsal (Elève de l’Option Informatique) animera [...]

1st meeting with tutors – Knowing Nantes Project

Hello everyone,
You can find here the report of our first meeting with our tutors, Morgan Magnin and Simon Carolan, for the Knowing Nantes project.
Thanks for reading!
The Knowing Nantes team
Project Reporting 1

Conference on March 23

We are pleased to announce that Benoît Vasseur, Technical Director of, will be giving a conference at our school on Tuesday March 23, in B8.
The conference will start at 3:45 and it will last until 6:30.
From 6:30 onwards, Benoît will be telling you about traineeship and job opportunities at
He will be forwarding us [...]

TA projects for CLE classes

Here are all the details concerning your TA project both for the Web marketing class and the Internet and Current Events class.
You need to:
Form groups according to the chapter you covered (for example: all students – from TP classes 1, 2, and 3 -  who worked on Chap 2 should form [...]

CMS Benchmarks

Hello WSD students,
As a lot of students asking themselves which CMS they will use in their project, I propose here some benchmark webpages in order to give you some clues about finding the right CMS, adapted to your project. These links are just suggestions and you can add other ones. If you hesitate between 2 [...]

1st meeting with tutors – BDA website project

Hello all,
You’ll find below the minutes of our first meeting with both tutors : Jean-Yves Martin and Geoffrey Suter.
Minutes of the 1st meeting with tutors
Have a nice reading – though there was not much to say – and feel free to ask or comment.