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S4 TA Web Marketing: Tracking results

here are the files for the chapter “Tracking results”
Our power point presentation: Presentation
Our summary, Quizz, Mindmap, Glossary, list of useful videos,…    Tracking results
And our podcast: podcast
The working team:
Jean-Baptiste BONNAUD
Antoine SELLAM

Last two requirements

Today is your last day, so before you go, don’t forget the last two requirements for your evaluation:
Written report: please print it out (if you haven’t brought it to us on the day of your evaluation you can put it in Christine Evain’s pigeon-hole)!
in 4 parts: ‘Project Outline’ + one-page summary of the project’s results + minutes of the [...]

S4 TA WebMarketing : Search engine optmization

Here are the files of our TA, subject: Search engine optmization :
Presentation: Power Point Presentation – SEO
Summary: Summary – SEO
Glossary, Quiz and List of videos : List of videos – Quiz – Glossary – SEO
Mind-Map: Mind-map – SEO
Podcast: Podcast – SEO
Amon Ra Paixão Chaves
Victorien Foret
Xavier Fontaine
Elsa Arrou-Vignod
Sebastien Keller
Marc Luu Van Lang
Eric Berthe

Final Report Luxury Spa Treatment Consulting

Please find in the attached document the final report of our project on the Luxury Spa Treatment Consulting.
Final Report Luxury Spa Treatment Consulting

Knowing Nantes – Minutes for Meetings 3 & 4

Hello everyone,
You can find here the report of our final meeting with our tutors, Morgan Magnin and Simon Carolan, for the Knowing Nantes project.
Thanks for reading!
The Knowing Nantes team

Project Editions Bruno Doucey- Final report

Here is our final report and the instruction manual we wrote for Bruno Doucey:
guide de l’utilisateur
Of course you can check our final website on

Final Report – end – AMoussetProject

You can see our marketing brochure, for Aude Mousset, in French, here :
Maquette AMbleu1 v4

S4 TA WebMarketing :: Email Marketing

Here are the files of our TA for CLE department courses…
Presentation: EMail Marketing – Presentation
Summary: EMail Marketing – Summary
Keywords & Glossary: EMail Marketing – Keywords
MindMap: EMail Marketing – MindMap
Quiz: EMail Marketing – Quiz
Quiz Solutions: EMail Marketing – Quiz Solutions
Podcast: EMail Marketing – Podcast
Dimitri Moreau
Flavio Raposo
Francisco Gutierrez
Julia Feste
Pierre-Olivier Jouanny
Sophie Courtay

Final Report – Knowing Nantes

Here is our final report and the support we used during our presentation.
Report: Knowing Nantes – Report
Presentation: Knowing Nantes – Project Presentation
Final Version of the Website:

Final Report – AMoussetProject

Here is our “Final Report”, and two other documents documents we wrote, “Manuel d’utilisation du site” et “Recommendations” :
Final Report
Manuel d’utilisation du site
We also designed a marketing brochure :
Maquette AMbleu1 v4
AMbleu1-avec planete-eng
Our website is available at
The website we presented to the client and during our oral presentation of yesterday was on a “page perso” [...]