Last two requirements

Today is your last day, so before you go, don’t forget the last two requirements for your evaluation:

Written report: please print it out (if you haven’t brought it to us on the day of your evaluation you can put it in Christine Evain’s pigeon-hole)!

in 4 parts: ‘Project Outline’ + one-page summary of the project’s results + minutes of the 4 meetings with tutor + support material (Power Point or Mind Maps used during the oral presentation, etc.).

Blog postings:

- All four parts of your above report (don’t forget to include the tags);

- Your CLE TA project (please use “TA project” tag and “2010” tag)!

Many of you have asked about grades and coefficients. The grades will be on the AGAP system, hopefully by the end of May, in the following format:

EVI  coef  0,8
TA: EVC coef 0,2
EVI  coef  0,7
TA: EVC coef 0,3

EVI coef 1,6 

EVC coef 0.4 

EVC:  coef  1

The EVI grades will take into account class attendance and participation and tests (if any).

All of us teachers would like to thank you for your participation in this semester course. We very much enjoyed creating this course for you and your response to it encourages us to improve it even further for next year’s students. If you have feedback or comments that you would like to share with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you all the best and we hope the Web Strategy experience will open new perspectives of all sorts!

Hoping our paths will cross again,

Your team of teachers

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