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S4 TA Projects for CLE classes / Blogging and Podcasting

Here is our one single file for the chapter “BLOGGING AND PODCASTING” :
Our Power point presentation : Blogging and Podcasting
Our podcast :
Our quiz : Blogging and Podcasting quiz, Blogging and Podcasting quiz
Our mind-map : Blogging and Podcasting mind map
Our list of videos links : List of video links
Our glossary : Glossary
Our half-page summary : [...]

Meeting Report – Website D2i-MIP at Centrale Nantes

A bit late, here is our report on the second meeting with tutors
Minutes 06_04
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meeting report – Bruno Doucey’s Project

Hello, here is the report of our three meeting : two with the tutors and one with Bruno Doucey.
meeting report
You can visit our web site on

Frédéric Grellier’s Project – All documents

This is the folder containing all the documents we produced during our project. In addition to the project sheet, the minutes reports and the one-page summary, we have included :
- our PowerPoint presentation
- the accessibility standards synthesis
- the mini-guide as it is for the moment.
Zip file
Enjoy the reading

First and second meeting minutes: Patrice Blanc’s project

Here are the minutes of the meetings we had with our tutors, related with Patrice Blanc’s project.
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CR premier rdv
CR deuxième rdv

1st and 2nd meetings with tutors – Antiquités Anglaises ’s project

Here are the reports of our meetings with our tutors Vincent Tourre and Christine Evain, about the antiquite-anglaise project.
Meeting 1
Meeting 2
You can already visit the “almost” final version of the website :CLICK HERE

2nd meeting with tutors – English Forum & English Language Consultant

Here is the report of our second meeting with our tutors Jean-Yves Martin and Angela Chelet, about the two projects of Murray Adams:
2nd report – English Forum & English Language Consultant

2nd meeting with both tutors luxury spa consulting

2nd meeting with tutors

BDA – Second meeting with tutors – minutes

Here come the minutes of the second meeting :
Second contact
As usual, feel free to ask questions or anything.

Meetings with tutors – Chritine Tessier’s project

Meeting-Minutes Report (1)
Place:Centrale Nantes 16/02/2010
Julien Biger
Cassandre Marquois
Hélène Florent
Murielle Hadad
Vincent Tourre
Angela Chelet
First agenda item. Presentation of the activity of our client, her will to have a new site, the kind of site she wants.
Second agenda item. Write specifications : goals and deadlines.
Tentative agenda for the next meeting
• Suggest specifications
• Think about mindmaps for the structure of [...]