Organisation’s name and address: Groupe, 63 avenue de Villiers, 75017 Paris
Tel number and email: –
Description: 20 people.
Field of activity: Online services.
Name of the supervisor within the partner organisation: Benoît Vasseur.

Name of students: Noël Courtemanche, Gaëtan Girin, Florent Pajot


Project Articulation

This project will be divided in five parts:

Technical Specifications

We will use mySQL workbench and mySQL to design and create the database.
We will also use Zend framework for PHP development.
A SVN server provided by Groupe will host our database.

About legal issues

• Matching Groupe Durable’s policy for specifications about legal obligations and constraints.
• Including all the required warnings and information for users in Terms of Use about data processing and data protection.

Web pages definitions

This is a view of the different information we want to show in the website.

Database problematic

Our database has to meet a certain problematic we outline here:

  • A visitor may register and become a user of the website.
  • A visitor or a user can realize a simulation to know the market price of its wage by filling a form with different fields. We want to be able to change the form by adding fields.
  • We want to be able to assess the quality of a filled form and the related result of the simulation.
  • The different information registered from users’ simulations is summed up in a specific sheet.
  • A user can consult and bring up to date its personal information and the form.

Schedule and intermediary objectives

• 1st meeting:

• 2nd meeting:

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