Automatic SEO audit script – Project Outline

Automatic SEO audit script


Organisation’s name and address: Webcitric sarl 139 rue du Général Buat 44000 Nantes

Tel number and email: 06 37 72 80 57 –

Description: Sole proprietor

Field of activity: Web Marketing and SEO

Name of the supervisor within the partner organisation: M. Maisonneuve

Name of students: Adrien COATIVY, Gautier LOUPIT and Aurélien TOUSSAINT

Objective (s): webs application development for Webcitric:

Developing an automatic SEO audit script for a webpage, according to the characteristics given by the specifications.

Project Articulation:

Studying the audit pattern given by Webcitric
Learning the PHP language
Going further into different web tools (ex: API)
Developing the script, analysing every characteristics explained in the specifications (confidential)
Testing it

Technical Characteristics:

Language: PHP
Parameters entered by the user:
_ 3 key words
_ The country aimed by the website
Results: a table in which are given every characteristics (confidential list) about the SEO of the analysed website.
Method: This script will read the HTML script of an URL, analyse it, and return information. It also will use APIs to collect information.

Schedule and intermediary objectives (for the 2 meetings with your tutor):

Obj of the 1st meeting:

_ Knowledge about PHP
_ Studying given documents and scripts
_ Writing the algorithm of every small functions
_ Trying to translate some of them into PHP

Obj of the 2nd meeting:

_ Creating the whole script
_ Checking every functions
_ Working on the esthetic aspects of the application (ex: table)

Automatic SEO audit script

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