Start-up Showcase

Hello groups A and B, (and group C – students will be given a slightly different deadline),
On March 10 and 11 (after the usual students’ presentations of chapt 5 and 6), we will organize a start-up showcase. You will be given one start-up company to showcase in just 3 minutes.
In order to do this, you will need to:
- mindmap the structure of the site,
- prepare 3-6 slides (on a USB key) to explain the key elements of your business model.
The class will then vote on the best start-up.
Further details on this assignment will be given to you in class this Friday.

Start-up Companies (

•Chasing Savings, LLC
•Eleven Learning
•F.S. Publishing
•Good in Bed

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Hello, I chose to study FlyingWord. If someone has already chosen it, can you tell me ? Thanks !

I would prefer to study YAPPER rather than CURSOR. I hope nobody has already chosen this start-up.

Hi, i’m a group B student and i would like to change my subject (8 – easyDITA) for the last one (25 – YAPPER).

Hi, i’m a group B student and i would like to change my subject (4 – BOP) for the last one (submishmash).

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