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Project minutes – De Cour à Jardin

please find here our project minutes for the second meeting: Project Minutes Meeting 2 de cour à jardin
Létitia COMBES, Sarah GIRARD, Audrey LEMOINE

Tracking results – 25 March presentation – group B

Hey everybody!
We’d like those of you who have a blog – or any website of their own – to bring its statistics (concerning visits) on Friday 25 March. We’ll analyse them all together so it might be useful for you and for us too, since finding statistics is kind of hard when you don’t have [...]


Please find here the links we used for our SEO presentation.
Charline and Létitia

INMAS – A group – Tomorrow’s (03/18) Presentation

Hello everyone !
For our presentation scheduled on tomorrow about “Social Media Marketing”, we just want to ask you to watch this video :
It is a really great introduction to this chapter, so have a look at it !
Thanks and see you tomorrow,
Cyril C. & Charles B.

Google Reader Video

Google Reader

List of videos shown in class

Some of you have asked me for the links to the videos shown in class (during the student presentations).
I think it would be a good idea to put together a list of all the videos shown (so you can also check out the ones shown in other groups).
Could you please reply to this post by [...]

Minutes for the first meeting

Here are the minutes of the first meeting with Christine EVAIN and Myriam SERVIERES :
Best regards,

Forecast schedule – Webcitric

After our 1st intermediary meeting and 2 meetings with M. Maisonneuve, we made a forecast schedule. It gives approximative dates and tasks.
We will try to respect this schedule, and will update it after several weeks.
Click here : Forecast Schedule
Gautier LOUPIT

A group – Tomorrow’s INMAS Presentation

Hello everyone,
For tomorrow’s presentation about Mobile Marketing, since we may lack time, we ask you to create right now 3 groups of students. Each group needs a Leader, who should have a mobile. We will ask each Leader to send approximately 10 SMS tomorrow morning, so please get ready ! The easiest solution for you [...] – minutes of the first meetings – minutes of the first meetings (C. EVAIN, V. TOURRE) – group: N. COURTEMANCHE, F. PAJOT, G. GIRIN