List of videos shown in class

Some of you have asked me for the links to the videos shown in class (during the student presentations).
I think it would be a good idea to put together a list of all the videos shown (so you can also check out the ones shown in other groups).
Could you please reply to this post by simply giving me the theme of your chapter and your video links?
I will then put a list together and send it to you.
Christine Evain

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We made a presentation on Search Engine Optimization (Group B).
Here are the videos we showed during our presentation :

Web Search Strategies in Plain English :

Introduction to Copyscape Plagiarism Checker :


Shaden, Audrey(Lemoine) and I made our presentation on Social Media marketing. The videos we used are the following:

What the hell is Social media:

Ikea- Facebook showroom:


During our presentation of Email Marketing (Group C), we had no specific video (only commercial ones of existing ESP) so I don’t think we have some interesting links to provide.

We did a presentation on Mobile Marketing (Chapter 8)

We have shown a video on a Smartphone App:

And also one video on Facebook Deals:

You’re welcome to post more videos on the subject!


Our presentation was about Email Marketing and this is the link to the videos we used :

Blogging and Podcasting (group C)

Blogs in Plain English :

Podcasting in Plain English :

Hi everybody,
Antonina and me made a presentation on Blogging&Podcasting (group B).
Here are the links to the videos we used:
Blogging in plain english:
RSS feed:

Here is the link to the video shown in our presentation about Email Marketing :

Benchmark pricing plans, an email marketing solution :

Luisa and Flavio


Our presentation was about Online Advertising (group B).
During our presentation, we used these videos :

Google AdWords functioning :

The dangers of behavioral targeting :

The future of online advertising :

The TippEx bear :

The Facebook song :

Have fun watching them !


here are the links of video shown during our E-mail Marketing presentation (group C) :

promotion of a copywriter :

commoncraft video dealing with phishing scams:

know your list member better (only 1st minute shown):


Here are the links of video shown during the presentation “Online Advertising” (group A) :

An introduction to Google AdWords :

Tippex experience :

Quentin Servais-Laval and I made a presentation on Mobile Marketing (Group C).

Object Recognition with Mobile Phones:

SMS-Mobile Marketing:


Here is the video which has been used for our presentation on Social Media Marketing (Group C):

Social Media in Plain English

Olivier W. & Robin T.

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