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INMAS Group A – Blogging and Podcasting

Hello everybody,
Audrey Johan and I will present you the topic “Blogging and Podcasting”.
In order to prepare for this presentation, we are giving you some homework.
Please check the website, and particularly the top 100 of blogs, so you will see how they are made, and understand how it works and why are they successful.
You can [...]

Blogging & Podcasting Presentation 10/03/2011 group B

Hello everyone,
As we are going to speak about blogging, we decided to organize a sort of workshop: we propose you to start writing your own blog just on this Thursday!
Please, all you need to do is simply look up some current blogs in order to get a familiar with their structure and (!) choose a topic you [...]

Inmas A 10/03: SEO presentation

Within the framework of our presentation about SEO, we ask you to review your notes about Benoit Vasseur’s Conference.
Charline et Létitia

Nantes 1900 – Minutes of the first meetings

Here are the minutes of the first three meetings with :
- partner : Florent LAROCHE (15/02/2011)
- tutors : Christine EVAIN, Myriam SERVIÈRES (22/02/2011)
- students from Polytech : Olivier CATRY, Vincent MEUNIER (25/02/2011)
Minutes of the first meetings – Nantes 1900
Feel free to ask any questions or comment.