eZoomBook platform

eZoomBook platform (registered trademark)

Objective: Creation of a web-based, multi-scale electronic book-sharing platform (eZoomBook)

Contact: Simon Carolan (simon.carolan@ec-nantes.fr)

This project revolves around new technologies in electronic publishing. It is part of my PhD work and it is a follow-up project to the existing eZoomBook prototype.

The programming tasks will involve the creation of a multilingual, web-based, enhanced electronic book-sharing platform. Each book will be accessible via different entry points at different levels, thanks to various functions including zoom in and zoom out functions.

The basic methodological and pedagogical idea for this platform as well as the name will remain confidential until the software is patented, as well as many other aspects of the project which ensure its originality. Characteristically, the system will be constructed so that is allows:
- user contribution,
- multiple editing,
- live collaboration,
- personalized reader interaction based on artificial intelligence.

The platform will bring under one roof enhanced electronic books organized into different
- books in the public domain (including scientific books),
- books under copyright, posted online by the authors or publishers themselves
Sub-categories will be organized according to keyword and tagging systems.

Both the posting of books and book enhancement features will function on an openly editable
In terms of computer programming, the project will involve creating:
- navigation systems which will allow multi-level access to the data,
- link systems between the different levels,
- search engine and tagging systems,
- a collaboratively written resource database,
- interactive communication systems with different categories of users

Some books will also have links to dictionary definitions, audio-book readings, weblinks and other forms of enhanced book content.

For the marketing side of the project, students will be required to complete market research, building a potential client and sponsor database in preparation for the product launch, developing communication strategies that make full use of the internet to communicate effectively on a limited budget.

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