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Incev Homework For Group A (2/03/2012)

Hello everyone,
During the next INCEV class, you’ll have a conference on the theme “Entertainment and leisure: music, TV, film, gaming”
We would like you to work in pairs and find examples of websites which have suffered from copyright because of their contents (like megaupload for example). 
We will ask you to present what you found at the beginning [...]

homeworks for group B (INCEV)

What you HAVE to do :
Prepare arguments for the debates :

Interest of internet related tools, compared to traditional tools (books…). Advantages, disadvantages of each one.

About the fact of having all the courses available on line.
About virtual teachers: what is it? do you think it is possible? Could it be efficient?

What you can do:
During the presentation , we will [...]

Homework for group B – 2nd march

Hello everybody,
For the next INMAS conference, will be presenting you “E-mail marketing” Strategies and we would like to give you very simple homework to do.
We would like to receive one email from each one of you with an example from your own inbox (your personal e-mail account). It’s very simple, we know you check your [...]

Conference organization

You signed up for a specific responsibility to help organize a conference (please check out the document posted on the door of the English teachers’ office with the names of all students, as well as the following Prezi link to refresh your memory on what Simon and I presented in class:  The coordinators will ensure a [...]

Homework for group B – 10/02/2012

We would like you to work in pairs (cf Christine Evain’s email). and find examples of online advertising.

The idea is to find examples of 2 online advertising on the following themes:
1 – travelling industry
2 – betting online
3 – meeting sites
4 – shopping online
5 – video games (eg. free online games)
6 – applications for smartphones
For each ad, [...]

Homework for Group A : 09/02/12

We would like you to work in pairs (cf christine evain email) and find examples of online advertising. Don’t worry this a very simple task!
We assigned the following subjects to the different groups:
- grp 1: Sports
- grp 3: cars
- grp 4: fashion
- grp 5: politics
- grp 6: educational entities
- grp 7: entertainment (theater …)
The objective is [...]