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INCEV homework group C – 16.03

Hello everybody,
On friday, we will present you what is the cyber-warfare. In order to give you some information before the presentation, we would like you to watch this video about the virus Stuxnet.
Alexy and Théotime.

INMAS homework group C – 15.03

Hello everybody,
In order to present you how mobile marketing works , we would like you to :
-watch this video :
-subscribe to
If you want to do a little more, you can also look for 2 or three short phone numbers that had sent you advertising messages.
Alexy, Lin and Théotime.

INMAS homework for group C

For our e-mail marketing presentation, we would like you to subscribe to the ESP called VerticalResponse.
Go on and create an account, it’s very quick!
Rémi and Alicia