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2012 projects

Here are the podcasts to the 2012 student projects

Grelet Conseil Project

During our project, we worked for Grelet Conseil. It is an engineering consulting firm specialized in
- River tourism
- Nautism
- Culture
- Heritage
The aim of the project was to revise their website.
We defined some objectives according to the client’s expectations.
• Create a new site according to the partner voluntees
• Propose a design
• Create a way for the partner to modify [...]

Final Reort: Rezoto Project

Rezoto is a mobile and Facebook application to meet people through shared events: visits of museums, cinema, exposition… As the application is being developed, we had to create a website representing well the concept and that was very clear and user-friendly.
We defined the recalcifications of the website with the client: a slideshow, an obvious redirection [...]

eZoomBook collaborative platform plot summary

During our Web Strategies project we have been working on the  improvment of the existing prototype of the eZoomBook platform.  It’s a book-sharing platform based on the principle of users’ contributions of books in a special eZoomBook format derived from original normal books.
On different stages we were getting different objectives such as:

brainstorming for general [...]

Final Report: Destock Boat Project

During this project, we have been working for M. Lesguillier, in order to create a new concept in boat market: a website linking boat dealers or shipyards with potential buyers.
We divided our work in several steps :

First, we defined the economic model of the website, by studying other websites which are working in the same [...]

Jactiv Facebook viral game

Jactiv is a new web site launched by Ouest France, and intended to young adults (from 18 et 25 years old).
To promote the web site, we had to create and implement a game, that was supposed to be “viral”. The requirements for the game are those ones :
- one-player game
- educational game based on daily [...]

Final report: CF2A

We have been working for M. Capitaine in order to create a website for his company. He is the founder of the society CF2A, company of the Health at Work sector.
We divided our work in 4 steps at the begining to respect the demands of the client:

A benchmarking study to compare and analyse 50 [...]

Final report human connect (2012)

During this project, we have developed an Elgg plug-in for Olivier Dutel of Human Connect in order to help them with their new project: which will provide e-learning.
Our plug-in adds a new functionality to elgg and his users.
We focused on the job of IT developer. We had to understand how a plug-in was implemented [...]

Project Visualisation Cartographique de Données et Gestion Documentaire

Environnement & Solutions is a consulting firm on the problem of waste management. Today they have a static website and they want to start using it as a way to improve the image and the services of the company. The proposed project is divided in two parts: 1) Creating a map module which shows all [...]

Android app’ for Campings

Présentation Camingsx [Lecture seule]Our project consists in developing an Android application for Francecom, a web agency specialized in outdoor accomodation. Francecom wanted us to make a new application, which would be adaptable to every camping.
The application aims at:
-helping vacationers to prepare the stay (information, price…)
-making people aware of what happens on the campground
-creating communication between [...]