Minute of Gamification (2nd reunion)

Summary of our second meeting

Meeting with CLE tutor (Christine Evain, who is client):

The meeting begun by warning that the deadline was quite short given all the requirements and that we would only provide an alpha version, with few games and not every mechanics implemented (language or achievement won’t probably be implemented).

We then showed what we had done so far : a login management to enter the application, and then a main menu with a cool design who proposed all the final option but only one was implemented, the link to the creation of the game, which would allow to fully create the game.

Moreover, it was mentioned that we would let the possibility to add some features (or at least not make it impossible) such as sound. We would also give a full documentation about what we would have done by the end of the project, and some clues for further development of the app.

Our problem was that we had no contacts yet with our technical tutor, and we were blocked on some technical issues.

Meeting with technical tutor Vincent Tourre:

Our tutor’s wife had a baby the previous night; therefore he wasn’t able to be at the meeting the scheduled day. Fortunately, Vicent’s colleagues helped us and we overcame our technical issues.

The database is built and the main menu is designed as expected. We know how to connect to every sub-menu in the create a game without loosing information.

For now we are progressing in the project at a regular pace, we may meet Vincent Tourre later when he has time.

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