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Gamification Presentation

Here is our PPT gamification presentation
Regnault Arthur
Lucas Paul-Yves
Jothy Mario

INCEV and IMAS presentation

The Future of the Internet Blogging and Podcasting
Find attached to this post our INMAS and INCEV presentation.
Édouard Roubaud & Benoît Wintergerst

Minutes of our 2nd meeting with our web development Tutor

Please find enclosed the Minutes of our 2nd meeting with our web development Tutor:
We have begun the meeting with a summary of our latest progress in our project. We have indicated to the tutor that we now have a firm grasp about the Framework magento and all what it includes.
We have explained that we [...]

eZoomBook / Meeting summaries

Here are our meeting summaries 1 & 2.
Ezoombook Minutes 1stMeeting
Ezoombook Minutes 2ndMeeting

INMAS-Social Media Marketing 2013

Social Media Marketing 2013?Yifeng et Haiqing?
Hello, this is our presentation about the social network. Thank you for your attention.

WESDE project result-CD loire sillon

WESDE project result-CD loire sillon
Hello, this is our project result for creating a collaborative website for conseille de developpement de Loire Sillon.
Thank you for your attention.

eZoomBook Summary

Here is our summary of our project : eZoomBook_Summary

TEDxCentraleNantes Project

This project is finished. The website is online: And here are the documents required.
1. Minutes:
Meetings with our partner: 1, 2.
Meetings with our CLE tutor: 1, 2.
Meetings with our INFO tutor: 1, 2.
2. Presentation:
Support of our presentation.
3. Project Outline:
Project Outline
4. Summary:

Claroline Project

Our project was aimed to prepare the update of the Serveur Pédagogique, which is built with the open source platform named Claroline.
We worked on three main lines.

We worked with the ECN communication department to be able to fit our school corporate identity and new design policy. We tried to make the layout as eye-friendly as possible, with [...]

SEO_ INMAS _ Group B

Inmas presentation
here is the link