Minute 2 _ Que Manger

WebStrat: Second meeting

Date: March, Friday 33              12:40

People attending: Mrs. Reveillaud                / Pierre Curis, Damien Grandjean and Alexis Marcellin

Project: Que Manger


The goal is to create a community.

We have not solved the problem of the use of two different languages on the blog.
In fact we face a technical problem with a plug-in, another seems to be very interesting but is expensive (79$).
We realized that we had not really thought of the interaction between the blog and Facebook and Twitter in terms of the choice of language. A solution occurred: should we create two separate Twitter accounts, one in French, and the other in English (named ‘what-foods’), with a redirection between them? This would enable the referencing of ‘what-foods’ and would mean much more than ‘que-manger’ for the English speaking net-surfers.
(the same is to be considered with Facebook accounts).

- We have to keep the same identity between the website que-mager.com and the blog.
But we received the images not long ago, we will change the colors.

- We should convince the client in order to make him understand the usefulness of the widget redirecting the tweets on the blog.

- We should create links on the website pointing at the blog, the Facebook page and Twitter account, in order to enable clients to look for advices or express their mind.
This led to the question of a forum instead of a blog, but a blog appears to be the best solution because our client should remain the major actor of the community.

- We still have to find a way to get the e-mail address of the bloggers.

- To what extent do the redirected Tweets appear on the blog? How much will appear on the blog?
- E-mails should be sent to Que-manger’s  clients in order to promote the social media (blog, Facebook and Twitter). This could be a could way to use the e-mail addresses.

- We should have a look at Que-manger’s competitors in order to see how they manage to create an active community (i.e. The WeightWatchers…)

- Add a direct link to the blog on Google’s results  page for the search “que-manger”.

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