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Sounderbox is a social jukebox designed to create a new way to listen to music in public places. By allowing everybody to add and vote for tracks, sounderbox allows to create a social music atmosphere tailored for the location. Sounderbox can be used for bars, stores, wedding parties or even open-plan offices.

The location owner just has to plug the sounderbox, then people can use the free web app to add and vote for tracks from an extensive catalog (spotify, deezer, soundcloud). The chosen tracks are then streamed to the place sound system, and the playlist is displayed in real time on any plugged screen.

We are working on the presentation website and we need to add more content on it. Especially we need to add landing pages to tailor the description to visitors’ needs.

The group will learn more about sounderbox and its marketing strategy, identify and document the different kinds of targeted customers, work on a specific content for each segment and implement tailored landing pages. From a technical point of view, the group will work on HTML / CSS / JS for content creation and visitor tracking as well as deployment and production processes on clever cloud.


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