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Speach on Coca Cola case study

Please find below the link to our speach on Coca cola case study.
Berreby – Hamelin – Staouite

Speach Social Media Marketing – Group A – MAUGARD/MAILLE

Here you can find our speach about Social Media Marketing :
Social Media Marketing Speach
Alexandre Maille
Cyril Maugard
Group A SEO Group A

Here you will find the link to our about SEO:
Julie HOANG KIM and Geoffray MENUDIER

Minutes of the 2nd with V.Tourre – Kosmopolead project

This meeting was an opportunity to deal with the current part from a technical point of view.
The scriptings we are elaborating can indeed be completed with use cases and sequential diagrams under UML format. We consequently brainstormed on these tow tools.The use ases could be an efficient tool to have a synthetical of all options [...]

Accessibility conference

Here’s the link to F. Pinto Da Silva’s power point:

Minute of our 2nd meeting with C.Evain the 12/03/2014 and with J.Y.Martin the 19/03/2014 (Boussejra/Haldebique/Royer, project AER)

There are not a lot of marketing aspects on our project so we focused with C.Evain on our relationship with the clients.
She asked us about how they changed their demand throughout our reunions with them and if we had an impact on this change. How did our reunions work.
She told us to find some insentives [...]

Minutes of the follow-up meetings with Christine Evain and Guillaume Moreau

Minutes of the 2nd meeting with Christine Evain (12/03/2014)
We presented what we had done on both “Prony Consulting” and  “Baraka Brass Band” projects. We talked about the answers our client sent us regarding the marketing question we had asked him. We brainstormed on possible additional questions to be asked, concerning the firm’s client database and [...]

Minutes of the 2nd project follow-up meetings with Christine Evain and Myriam Servières (Sounderbox)

*Minutes of the 2nd meeting with Christine Evain on March 12th, 2014
We presented our project progress: the results of our marketing study which was done by surveys.
The next steps:
-finish our marketing study: conduct surveys of bars, bigger fitness centers, cinemas and the Cité des congrés
-present our marketing study to our client and maybe focus our [...]

Minute with C. Evain 12/03/2014 – Maille/Briand/Maugard

Novatrip Project :
We have presented our progress on the project and the different questions that we’ve raised. We have presented the website structure and then sent to both our tutors the website mockup.
Christine Evain suggested us to conduct some survey in order to know better the feelings of different people about the Novatrip principle. We [...]

Minutes of our 1st meeting with Jean-Yves Martin – Sharing Platform – 12/03/14

The agenda was the database architecture, although we also discussed other technical (and non-technical) issues. This two hour meeting was particularly rich, so here is only a brief summary of the main points:
1) The database architecture: we had a first version of this architecture, JY Martin answered our questions and helped us improve it.
2) We [...]