Minutes of the follow-up meetings with Christine Evain and Guillaume Moreau

Minutes of the 2nd meeting with Christine Evain (12/03/2014)

We presented what we had done on both “Prony Consulting” and  “Baraka Brass Band” projects. We talked about the answers our client sent us regarding the marketing question we had asked him. We brainstormed on possible additional questions to be asked, concerning the firm’s client database and client prospecting, for example.

Minutes of the 1st meeting with Guillaume Moreau (14/03/2014)

We showed him the websites that our client sent us as reference to what he would like us to do and we also showed him what we had done until then on both projects. As we were coding from scratch, out tutor advised us to use some software like Wordpress. We also discussed topics such as Search Engine Optimization and web hosting.

Vinicius Pretto de Souza and Larissa de Andrade Gaulia

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