Minute of our 2nd meeting with C.Evain the 12/03/2014 and with J.Y.Martin the 19/03/2014 (Boussejra/Haldebique/Royer, project AER)

There are not a lot of marketing aspects on our project so we focused with C.Evain on our relationship with the clients.

She asked us about how they changed their demand throughout our reunions with them and if we had an impact on this change. How did our reunions work.

She told us to find some insentives that would attract the users (a historic for example) and also to keep in mind the ideas that didn’t make it to the final product for our oral presentation.

Concerning our technical support with J.Y.Martin, he told us that if we didn’t have enough time to finish the application then the functionalities weren’t our priority.

He told us about the need to install an admin software on the server and also to forbid host connection in ssh. We didn’t really have technical problems for the moment so this meeting was also quite short.

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