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Minutes of our 2nd meeting with C. Evain – Sharing Platform – 12/03/14

We mainly talked about the project progress, and C. Evain gave us interesting advices or raised issues we hadn’t thought of.
1) Project progress: we analysed existing web applications that achieve similar goals, and carried a survey to better understand users’ needs. Then we wrote the specs of our application, and had a Skype meeting with [...]

2nd follow-up meeting with C.Evain on kosmopolead project

In this meeting 2 main points were on the agenda with C.Evain:
1) Project advancement
2 weeks after a meeting where we presented our work on the inventory of existing ludorials to Pierre Allard of Kosmopolead, we explained our achievements and what was expected afterwards. Indeed, the second ongoing step of the project is the scripting of [...]

Minutes of the meeting: 17/02 Technical meeting with M. Magnin, UNA Project

At this meeting we spoke to our tutor about the recommendations that Mickael Tardy, Rowing Club member and project manager at the University of Nantes, gave us. According to this, we analyzed the different types of users who may have the website: Visitors, members, managers and supervisors. After this analysis we were asked to perform [...]

Minutes of the meeting: 06/02 1st follow-up meeting, UNA Project

Our overall goal is to rebuild the website of the rowing club of the University of Nantes to give a good navigability and accessibility to members of the club, as well as provide new tools that allow a better flow of information.
At this meeting we clarified the expectations that teachers have about our project and [...]

INMAS presentation – Online Advertising

Here is our presentation of the 11th of February.
Online advertising
Victor ENAUD