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Final Report Sharing Platform Project

This project was about creating from scratch a sharing platform to facilitate sharing between neighbours.
This project had strong ideas behund it, because we needed to respect collaborative consumption ideas, and facilitate the creation of social links in a same building or district by this application. Also, the application was to be clear on its business [...]

Minutes of our 2nd meeting with Jean-Yves Martin – Sharing Platform – 20/04/2014

We had this second meeting to talk about various aspects.
We begin with a quick presentation of our app main features. Then we discussed the technical knowledge we had to have to put our prototype online (how to configure the database, administrate it, security measures …).
To finish we talked about all legal issues linked to it: [...]

E-mail Marketing

You will find our presentation in the follow adress:
and also some videos about e-mail marketing:

Cybercrime – Présentation by Olivier Chaslot And Larissa

Here is our presentation on about cyber crime. We tried to use various tools for the chapters so that would be less monotone.
Thank you

TA INMAS : Online advertising

Here is our speech about Online Advertising.
Victor ENAUD

Final Report Sounderbox Project – GIANNUZZI/HOANG KIM/STAOUITE

Sounderbox is a social jukebox designed to create a new way to listen to music in public places. By allowing everybody to add and vote for tracks, sounderbox allows to create a social music atmosphere tailored for the location. Sounderbox can be used for bars, stores, wedding parties or even open-plan offices. Our Web Strategy [...]

Report eZoombook accessibility

Please do find enclosed our report about the ezoombook accessibility
Documents :
Présentation PPT
Bug Snapshot Play

Presentation schedule

Presentation schedule: Projets Web Strat 2014 with tutors

Report of the Project Evhunt

Here is our report concerning the project Evhunt
Report Evhunt
M. Forneris, J. Fougeray, F. Hamelin

Final Report Novatrip Project – MAUGARD/MAILLE/BRIAND

The projects results stand in the brand-new Novatrip website.
The principle of Novatrip is to enable foreigners to create their own travels in the Europe, by establishing what the customer wants, sending it to travel agents and letting the agents propose a quote for the travel. This way, customers get in touch with local guides, who [...]