Final Report Novatrip Project – MAUGARD/MAILLE/BRIAND

The projects results stand in the brand-new Novatrip website.
The principle of Novatrip is to enable foreigners to create their own travels in the Europe, by establishing what the customer wants, sending it to travel agents and letting the agents propose a quote for the travel. This way, customers get in touch with local guides, who have a better knowledge of cultural aspects of the visited country than travel agencies from the customer’s country.

We have structured our works in some steps:
-The first step was to define the web pages (text and illustrations), the tree structure (arborescence) and the links. We had also to define the technical specifications of the web application with the help of our supervisors Cécile Pellat and Antoine Julien.
-The second step was the creation of a Mock Up containing the structure and the content of all the pages, in order to make it validate by our supervisors.
-Then we had to make an important choice, the way to develop the web site. We had this choice between WordPress or another PHP framework. After Antoine recommended us to use WordPress and Guillaume Moreau gave his agreement, we started to develop the site.
-In order to develop the site, we had to study first the way WordPress is working and how it can be adapt for non-blog features. Finally we had implemented lots of technical functionalities as :
• Capturing addresses of the website clients;
• Complying with the IT legal issues (cookies…);
• Checking the scalability of our web application;
• Adapting SVG maps to create clickable maps allowing the user to choose some areas;
• Developing an auto-complete search feature using plug-in algorithms;
• Adapting the WordPress database for user information and pages classification, including Meta data;
• Adapting the WordPress comments feature to rate agents and deal with the specs;
• Making the insertion of new content and the maintainability of the site the easiest as possible.
We were not asked to do all the graphic aspect of the website: Antoine took and will take care of that.

You can find here our Final Report Novatrip
You can also find here our Novatrip Presentation

Cyril Maugard
Alexandre Maille
Erwan Briand

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