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TA INCEV – The Lord of the Rings.exe

Here is the story of the Lord of the Rings : The fellowship of the Ring through Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Doodle, MSN, Skype, …
The Lord of the Rings.exe
Enjoy !
Made by :
Gautier LOUPIT

Minutes of the 2nd intermediary meeting – Webcitric’s Project

Here is a short report of the 2nd intermediary meeting.
M. Maisonneuve (Webcitric’s CEO), V. Tourre and our group were attending this meeting.
_ Technical aspects :
We explained to V. Tourre the different aspects that we worked on, and the progress in our planing.
M. Maisonneuve gave a quite positive opinion about our work, and was particularly satisfied [...]

Google Reader Video

Google Reader

Forecast schedule – Webcitric

After our 1st intermediary meeting and 2 meetings with M. Maisonneuve, we made a forecast schedule. It gives approximative dates and tasks.
We will try to respect this schedule, and will update it after several weeks.
Click here : Forecast Schedule
Gautier LOUPIT

INMAS Group A – Blogging and Podcasting

Hello everybody,
Audrey Johan and I will present you the topic “Blogging and Podcasting”.
In order to prepare for this presentation, we are giving you some homework.
Please check the website, and particularly the top 100 of blogs, so you will see how they are made, and understand how it works and why are they successful.
You can [...]

Automatic SEO audit script – Project Outline

Automatic SEO audit script
Organisation’s name and address: Webcitric sarl 139 rue du Général Buat 44000 Nantes
Tel number and email: 06 37 72 80 57 –
Description: Sole proprietor
Field of activity: Web Marketing and SEO
Name of the supervisor within the partner organisation: M. Maisonneuve
Name of students: Adrien COATIVY, Gautier LOUPIT and Aurélien TOUSSAINT
Objective (s): webs application [...]