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Final Report Novatrip Project – MAUGARD/MAILLE/BRIAND

The projects results stand in the brand-new Novatrip website.
The principle of Novatrip is to enable foreigners to create their own travels in the Europe, by establishing what the customer wants, sending it to travel agents and letting the agents propose a quote for the travel. This way, customers get in touch with local guides, who [...]

Speach Social Media Marketing – Group A – MAUGARD/MAILLE

Here you can find our speach about Social Media Marketing :
Social Media Marketing Speach
Alexandre Maille
Cyril Maugard
Group A

Minute with C. Evain 12/03/2014 – Maille/Briand/Maugard

Novatrip Project :
We have presented our progress on the project and the different questions that we’ve raised. We have presented the website structure and then sent to both our tutors the website mockup.
Christine Evain suggested us to conduct some survey in order to know better the feelings of different people about the Novatrip principle. We [...]

Social Media Marketing Presentation – Maille/Maugard

Here is our presentation of the 23rd of February

Group Briand/Maille/Maugard

Our choice is the Novatrip project.
We have called Cécile Pellat and she has mailed us that she has chosen our group for the project.
BRIAND Erwan, MAILLE Alexandre and MAUGARD Cyril