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Minutes of our 1st meeting with Jean-Yves Martin – Sharing Platform – 12/03/14

The agenda was the database architecture, although we also discussed other technical (and non-technical) issues. This two hour meeting was particularly rich, so here is only a brief summary of the main points:
1) The database architecture: we had a first version of this architecture, JY Martin answered our questions and helped us improve it.
2) We [...]

Minutes of our 2nd meeting with C. Evain – Sharing Platform – 12/03/14

We mainly talked about the project progress, and C. Evain gave us interesting advices or raised issues we hadn’t thought of.
1) Project progress: we analysed existing web applications that achieve similar goals, and carried a survey to better understand users’ needs. Then we wrote the specs of our application, and had a Skype meeting with [...]

INMAS Presentation – SEO – Group A

Hi everybody,
Here is our presentation PowerPoint (17/02/2014). All links, including the video, are inside.
Search Engine Optimization

Project Outline – Hyperlocal Sharing Platform

Hello, here is attached a document presenting the project outline.
Project Outline

Minutes of our first meeting

Minutes of our first meeting with C. Evain  -  04/02/2014
We briefly described the aim of the project and how we think we will carry it. We already had a Skype interview with Guillaume Poignon, and we will meet him again on Friday with Gaelle Le Rezollier, President of the association MonEcoCity in Nantes.
C. Evain gave [...]