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Speach on Coca Cola case study

Please find below the link to our speach on Coca cola case study.
Berreby – Hamelin – Staouite

Minutes of the 2nd with V.Tourre – Kosmopolead project

This meeting was an opportunity to deal with the current part from a technical point of view.
The scriptings we are elaborating can indeed be completed with use cases and sequential diagrams under UML format. We consequently brainstormed on these tow tools.The use ases could be an efficient tool to have a synthetical of all options [...]

2nd follow-up meeting with C.Evain on kosmopolead project

In this meeting 2 main points were on the agenda with C.Evain:
1) Project advancement
2 weeks after a meeting where we presented our work on the inventory of existing ludorials to Pierre Allard of Kosmopolead, we explained our achievements and what was expected afterwards. Indeed, the second ongoing step of the project is the scripting of [...]

Minutes of the meeting with Vincent Tourre / Henriques Nallin – Lalevée – Berreby

1) First part: presentation of the project
We introduced the project and its 3 parts to Mr. Tourre:
- Inventory of existing types of tutorials on the Web
- Scripting of potential behaviors of the user through each application on the website
- Coding of a ludorial on one application
2) Coding of one tutorial
We discussed the way and the language under which [...]

Minutes of the 2 latest meetings – C.Evain/ Kosmopolead

Client: Kosmopolead