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AER Project final Report (Group Boussejra/Haldebique/Royer)

Here is the final report for our Webstrat Project. We achieved to merge their 9 old Access 97 databases into one MySQL Database and import all of their data. We also created a web application to allow users to post observations online operating with play! Frameworks. It is fully operable: members can subscribe and post [...]

Incev presentation Cyber-warfare Group Haldebique/Royer

Cyber Warfare
Here is our Incev presentation.

Inmas case-study coca-cola vs pepsi, group Haldebique/Royer

Coca Cola VS Pepsi
Here is our Inmas presentation.

Minute of our 2nd meeting with C.Evain the 12/03/2014 and with J.Y.Martin the 19/03/2014 (Boussejra/Haldebique/Royer, project AER)

There are not a lot of marketing aspects on our project so we focused with C.Evain on our relationship with the clients.
She asked us about how they changed their demand throughout our reunions with them and if we had an impact on this change. How did our reunions work.
She told us to find some insentives [...]

First Minute Project AER

Client: AER Nantes
Group: Boussejra / Haldebique / Royer
First minute : meeting with Christine Evain on the 07/02/2013.
We talked about our advancement in the project:
-We met the clients two times in order to define the specifications of the project and have a good understanding of their need.
-We chose to work with the following tools: MySQL, Play frameworks, [...]

Group Boussejra Haldebique Royer

our group is composed of Malik Boussejra, Geoffroy Haldebique and Johan Royer and we choose to work on the following project: “Création d’un dispositif de gestion et de cartographie de données entomologiques et développement d’une apps mobile”.
We already agreed  with the AER representative, Muriel Oger, to work together.
Also a meeting has been planed friday after [...]