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Final Report Sounderbox Project – GIANNUZZI/HOANG KIM/STAOUITE

Sounderbox is a social jukebox designed to create a new way to listen to music in public places. By allowing everybody to add and vote for tracks, sounderbox allows to create a social music atmosphere tailored for the location. Sounderbox can be used for bars, stores, wedding parties or even open-plan offices. Our Web Strategy [...] SEO Group A

Here you will find the link to our about SEO:
Julie HOANG KIM and Geoffray MENUDIER

Minutes of the 2nd project follow-up meetings with Christine Evain and Myriam Servières (Sounderbox)

*Minutes of the 2nd meeting with Christine Evain on March 12th, 2014
We presented our project progress: the results of our marketing study which was done by surveys.
The next steps:
-finish our marketing study: conduct surveys of bars, bigger fitness centers, cinemas and the Cité des congrés
-present our marketing study to our client and maybe focus our [...]

Group Giannuzzi/Hoang Kim/Staouite

Good evening,

We are Guillaume Giannuzzi, Julie Hoang Kim and Nada Staouite.

We would like to work on the Kosmolead subject. Indeed, we sent an e-mail to the tutor of this project explaining why we are interested in his project.

However, if we really can’t have this project, we are interested in these projects too :
Projet de plateforme de [...]