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Kosmopolead Project – Final Documents

Project Outline
The main objective of this project is to improve the relationship between Kosmopolead and people who are part of this network, allowing them to discover, each time a little more about what the site can offer them according to their will.
In this sense, the project will initially achieve a state of the art of [...] – Online Advertising

The link to the to Online Advertising presentation is here:
The password to access it is “nantes”.
Thank you!

Internet marketing strategy’s presentation – Online Advertising

Hello everyone,
The presentation about “Online Advertising” (on February 10th, 2014) is now available. You can check the .pdf file, where you will find the link to all the videos in YouTube.
Online Advertising Presentation (by Patrícia HENRIQUES NALLIN)
To learn a little bit more about Google Adsense and Facebook advertising, take a look on the following videos: