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Prony Consulting project report (Larissa de Andrade Gaulia and Vinicius Pretto de Souza)


Minutes of the 2nd meeting with technical tutor

Second meeting with technical tutor – Guillaume Moreau
April 16th, 2014
We discussed the following topics:
Website domain: We must check with whom he bought the domain name from. Then we just have to make it point to the new website done with Wordpress.
Web hosting: He uses Office 365. We need to check if the domain is attached [...]

Minutes of the follow-up meetings with Christine Evain and Guillaume Moreau

Minutes of the 2nd meeting with Christine Evain (12/03/2014)
We presented what we had done on both “Prony Consulting” and  “Baraka Brass Band” projects. We talked about the answers our client sent us regarding the marketing question we had asked him. We brainstormed on possible additional questions to be asked, concerning the firm’s client database and [...]

First Meeting Minutes – Prony Consulting Project

Minutes of the first meeting with Christine Evain – February 4th, 2014
Project: Prony Consulting Website
Group: Larissa De Andrade Gaulia / Vinicius Pretto de Souza
We began the meeting by explaining the goal of the project and by taking a quick look at the consulting company’s website to see its form and think of what could be [...]