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INMAS-Social Media Marketing 2013

Social Media Marketing 2013?Yifeng et Haiqing?
Hello, this is our presentation about the social network. Thank you for your attention.

WESDE project result-CD loire sillon

WESDE project result-CD loire sillon
Hello, this is our project result for creating a collaborative website for conseille de developpement de Loire Sillon.
Thank you for your attention.

Minute – Create a collaboratif website for conseil de developpement de loire sillon

This is our meetings resume with our  clients and our clients
1st mtg_1
2nd mtg
1st meeting

Organisation: Conseil de développement de Loire et Sillon
Client : Thomas FORNAISE
Tutors:  Christine EVAIN, Myriam SERVIERE
Students: Qi SHEN, Lisa TAKAGI, Yifeng SUN(responsible)
Meeting with Christine EVAIN
When we had first meeting with Ms Christine Evain, we had not seen our client yet so we had gone through [...]