Guidelines for students

Project requirements

Check out the following doc for full info concerning project requirements:  V Ang FicheProjet Web Marketing

Group B : Crime & Warfare presentation

Hello guys !
Tomorrow, we’ll play a little game. So you should better know the rules before we start.
Your homework just consist in readings those !
For each question we’ll ask you, you’ll have three possibilities to answer (three “modes”):

You already know the answer and you don’t need any clue: choose the “STRAIGHT” mode –> 5 points
You [...]

List of videos shown in class

Some of you have asked me for the links to the videos shown in class (during the student presentations).
I think it would be a good idea to put together a list of all the videos shown (so you can also check out the ones shown in other groups).
Could you please reply to this post by [...]

Inmas A 10/03: SEO presentation

Within the framework of our presentation about SEO, we ask you to review your notes about Benoit Vasseur’s Conference.
Charline et Létitia

Group B : SEO Presentation on Friday 25th

Within the framework of our presentation about SEO which occurs on Friday, we would like you to watch the internet Web site of SneakerHead ( to find its structure.
Jérémy, Solène, Thomas.

Start-up Showcase

Hello groups A and B, (and group C – students will be given a slightly different deadline),
On March 10 and 11 (after the usual students’ presentations of chapt 5 and 6), we will organize a start-up showcase. You will be given one start-up company to showcase in just 3 minutes.
In order to do this, you [...]

What now?

Hello S8 students,
Many of you have placed a comment on this blog in response to project offers and you’re wondering about the next step. More info will be given to you on Wednesday (tomorrow) as several of our partners will be coming into our amphi class.
See you then,
Christine Evain

Students, please post comments!

Some of you are starting to tell me about the interest you have in specific subjects posted on the blog. I’m really pleased about this because it shows that you’re reading the posts!
You are asking me how to sign up. The procedure at this stage is simple: simply post a comment in response to the subject you’re interested [...]

Last two requirements

Today is your last day, so before you go, don’t forget the last two requirements for your evaluation:
Written report: please print it out (if you haven’t brought it to us on the day of your evaluation you can put it in Christine Evain’s pigeon-hole)!
in 4 parts: ‘Project Outline’ + one-page summary of the project’s results + minutes of the [...]

Project evaluations

The countdown to your evaluation has started! Please find attached the schedule for your presentations.
You’re welcome to invite your partner!
The evaluations of April 9 will take place in C009. The evaluations of April 26 and 29 will take place in C008. Each evaluation will last 3/4 hr: 1/2 hr presentation + 1/4 questions. Make sure [...]