INCEV homework group C – 16.03

Hello everybody,
On friday, we will present you what is the cyber-warfare. In order to give you some information before the presentation, we would like you to watch this video about the virus Stuxnet.
Alexy and Théotime.

2011 project visual summary

Here is a gallery of 2011 projects.

A group – Tomorrow’s INMAS Presentation

Hello everyone,
For tomorrow’s presentation about Mobile Marketing, since we may lack time, we ask you to create right now 3 groups of students. Each group needs a Leader, who should have a mobile. We will ask each Leader to send approximately 10 SMS tomorrow morning, so please get ready ! The easiest solution for you [...]

Offre de stage – développeur web d’applications innovantes de bande dessinée numérique

Message de la société Manolosanctis

Je suis un ancien élève de Centrale Nantes, promotion 2005.
Nous avons créé avec un autre ancien de l’école (Arnaud Bauer), une maison d’édition basée sur internet
Nous sommes à la pointe de la technologie web et de la diffusion de bande dessinée numérique sur internet.
Notre projet a obtenu le statut de [...]

Visual summary of 2010 projects

The following animation shows a visual summary of 2010 projects. Please enrich it by sending images to Guillaume Moreau with snapshots of your projects! PNG format for images is better, max resolution is 1024×768. Also send me your website URL once they are up and running.
Thank you in advance for contributing to this gallery, it [...]

Conference delayed for an hour but not postponed!

Today’s conference  with Benoît Vasseur will take place at 4:45 PM , in B8.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Your team of teachers

Conference on Web project management (2010-03-19 14:00)

Virginie Pontruché, an experienced project manager at Sapient will give a conference on web project management on Friday, March 19th, from 14:00 to 17:00 in room B8.
Virginie Pontruché is an experienced account manager based at Sapient’s London office. Virginie has extensive experience in the web portals, e-commerce and telecom domains and has been involved in [...]

Conference on version control tools (2010-03-03 16:00 in room B6)

Clément Delafargue will be giving a conference on version control tools on Wednesday, March 3rd from 16:00 to 17:00 in room B6.
Clément Delafargue has co-founded EklaWeb in 2009. He has designed the development infrastructure, and has intergrated source control management tools and various project management systems into the processes of EklaWeb.
The talk will outline the [...]

Official project approval

The following projects have been given a green light:

Invest in France: Frédéric Doisy, Elsa Laugareil, Benjamin Vialle. If possible, find an extra student
Luxury spas: Cyrielle Kleffer, Benoit Vandevelde, Tianjie Xu, Julia Feste
Christine Tessier Conseil: Julien Biger, Hélène Florent, Murielle Hadad, Cassandre Marquois
D2I – York: Sophie Courtay, Marine Lannic, Eric Lebon
Frédéric Grellier: Elsa Arrou-Vignod, please find [...]

Project Hunting launch: Jan 22 at 12:45

The web marketing semester course is about to start. Further details on your schedule will be given to you asap. As you know, the web marketing project is an essential part of this S4 and we need to set things into motion quickly because the so-called S4 semester practically ends only 3 months after it [...]