Welcome to our 47 S4 students!

The figures have just come through! 47 students have signed up for our Web Marketing course! We are delighted to welcome you to our S4 and we hope you will enjoy it!
We will be in touch soon to invite you to a lunchtime “project hunting launch session”…
Looking forward to meeting you soon!
Christine Evain

Video teasers for the “Web strategies and development” program

At the beginning of November, a large part of our staff gathered and recorded two teasers for our “Web strategies and development” program. Now the time has come  to let you discover them!
The first video describes the aims and content of the various courses of the program.

ECN-S4 Web Marketing Teaser 1
envoyé par LaurentFlaroche. – Plus [...]

Chris Evain: adding a video

I thought adding a video would be complicated, but it’s dead simple! And, guess what? Youtube has loads of interesting videos on Web Marketing!
So here’s one, just to provide an example:


Chris Evain: getting started

I’m still fairly new to this form of communication and I am amazed to discover how easy it is to post comments, save them for further proof-reading and then come back to them for posting, etc. I do hope our partners will not shy away from using this tool . I just wanted to say [...]

Let’s discover the poster Christine Evain created to promote the Webstrategies program!

At the beginning of December, our second-year students will have a special slot in their schedule to get information about the various programs they can follow next semester. All the educational team involved in “Web strategies and development” will be available to answer any question from students or industrial partners! We cross our fingers to [...]

Welcome to this blog!

Welcome to the Web Strategies & Development blog. This is a new program offered by Centrale Nantes. It will open in February 2010. More Information on this blog very soon.