Students' projects

Kosmopolead Project – Final Documents

Project Outline
The main objective of this project is to improve the relationship between Kosmopolead and people who are part of this network, allowing them to discover, each time a little more about what the site can offer them according to their will.
In this sense, the project will initially achieve a state of the art of [...]

AER Project final Report (Group Boussejra/Haldebique/Royer)

Here is the final report for our Webstrat Project. We achieved to merge their 9 old Access 97 databases into one MySQL Database and import all of their data. We also created a web application to allow users to post observations online operating with play! Frameworks. It is fully operable: members can subscribe and post [...] – Online Advertising

The link to the to Online Advertising presentation is here:
The password to access it is “nantes”.
Thank you!

Inmas case-study coca-cola vs pepsi, group Haldebique/Royer

Coca Cola VS Pepsi
Here is our Inmas presentation.

Minute of our 2nd meeting with C.Evain the 12/03/2014 and with J.Y.Martin the 19/03/2014 (Boussejra/Haldebique/Royer, project AER)

There are not a lot of marketing aspects on our project so we focused with C.Evain on our relationship with the clients.
She asked us about how they changed their demand throughout our reunions with them and if we had an impact on this change. How did our reunions work.
She told us to find some insentives [...]

Minute with C. Evain 12/03/2014 – Maille/Briand/Maugard

Novatrip Project :
We have presented our progress on the project and the different questions that we’ve raised. We have presented the website structure and then sent to both our tutors the website mockup.
Christine Evain suggested us to conduct some survey in order to know better the feelings of different people about the Novatrip principle. We [...]

Minutes of our 2nd meeting with C. Evain – Sharing Platform – 12/03/14

We mainly talked about the project progress, and C. Evain gave us interesting advices or raised issues we hadn’t thought of.
1) Project progress: we analysed existing web applications that achieve similar goals, and carried a survey to better understand users’ needs. Then we wrote the specs of our application, and had a Skype meeting with [...]

Project Outline – Hyperlocal Sharing Platform

Hello, here is attached a document presenting the project outline.
Project Outline

Minutes of our first meeting

Minutes of our first meeting with C. Evain  -  04/02/2014
We briefly described the aim of the project and how we think we will carry it. We already had a Skype interview with Guillaume Poignon, and we will meet him again on Friday with Gaelle Le Rezollier, President of the association MonEcoCity in Nantes.
C. Evain gave [...]

Group Giannuzzi/Hoang Kim/Staouite

Good evening,

We are Guillaume Giannuzzi, Julie Hoang Kim and Nada Staouite.

We would like to work on the Kosmolead subject. Indeed, we sent an e-mail to the tutor of this project explaining why we are interested in his project.

However, if we really can’t have this project, we are interested in these projects too :
Projet de plateforme de [...]