Final reports

Kosmopolead Project – Final Documents

Project Outline
The main objective of this project is to improve the relationship between Kosmopolead and people who are part of this network, allowing them to discover, each time a little more about what the site can offer them according to their will.
In this sense, the project will initially achieve a state of the art of [...]

AER Project final Report (Group Boussejra/Haldebique/Royer)

Here is the final report for our Webstrat Project. We achieved to merge their 9 old Access 97 databases into one MySQL Database and import all of their data. We also created a web application to allow users to post observations online operating with play! Frameworks. It is fully operable: members can subscribe and post [...]

Inmas case-study coca-cola vs pepsi, group Haldebique/Royer

Coca Cola VS Pepsi
Here is our Inmas presentation.

Industrial Ecology Project

Project outline+one page summary: Project Report
Arthur NAGLE

Final Report: Destock Boat Project

During this project, we have been working for M. Lesguillier, in order to create a new concept in boat market: a website linking boat dealers or shipyards with potential buyers.
We divided our work in several steps :

First, we defined the economic model of the website, by studying other websites which are working in the same [...]

Final report: CF2A

We have been working for M. Capitaine in order to create a website for his company. He is the founder of the society CF2A, company of the Health at Work sector.
We divided our work in 4 steps at the begining to respect the demands of the client:

A benchmarking study to compare and analyse 50 [...]

Final report human connect (2012)

During this project, we have developed an Elgg plug-in for Olivier Dutel of Human Connect in order to help them with their new project: which will provide e-learning.
Our plug-in adds a new functionality to elgg and his users.
We focused on the job of IT developer. We had to understand how a plug-in was implemented [...]

Final Report for

During this project, we have developed a website for Benoît Vasseur of Groupe Our website,, aims at proposing visitors to simulate a salary, at the market price, for free.
During the project, we focused only on the job of IT developer. The main thing we had to build is a form connected to a [...]

Final Report Luxury Spa Treatment Consulting

Please find in the attached document the final report of our project on the Luxury Spa Treatment Consulting.
Final Report Luxury Spa Treatment Consulting

Project Editions Bruno Doucey- Final report

Here is our final report and the instruction manual we wrote for Bruno Doucey:
guide de l’utilisateur
Of course you can check our final website on