Final reports

Final Report – end – AMoussetProject

You can see our marketing brochure, for Aude Mousset, in French, here :
Maquette AMbleu1 v4

Final Report – AMoussetProject

Here is our “Final Report”, and two other documents documents we wrote, “Manuel d’utilisation du site” et “Recommendations” :
Final Report
Manuel d’utilisation du site
We also designed a marketing brochure :
Maquette AMbleu1 v4
AMbleu1-avec planete-eng
Our website is available at
The website we presented to the client and during our oral presentation of yesterday was on a “page perso” [...]

Frédéric Grellier’s Project – All documents

This is the folder containing all the documents we produced during our project. In addition to the project sheet, the minutes reports and the one-page summary, we have included :
- our PowerPoint presentation
- the accessibility standards synthesis
- the mini-guide as it is for the moment.
Zip file
Enjoy the reading