Intermediate reports

Minutes of our 2nd meeting with C. Evain – Sharing Platform – 12/03/14

We mainly talked about the project progress, and C. Evain gave us interesting advices or raised issues we hadn’t thought of.
1) Project progress: we analysed existing web applications that achieve similar goals, and carried a survey to better understand users’ needs. Then we wrote the specs of our application, and had a Skype meeting with [...]

Project Outline – Hyperlocal Sharing Platform

Hello, here is attached a document presenting the project outline.
Project Outline

Minutes of our first meeting

Minutes of our first meeting with C. Evain  -  04/02/2014
We briefly described the aim of the project and how we think we will carry it. We already had a Skype interview with Guillaume Poignon, and we will meet him again on Friday with Gaelle Le Rezollier, President of the association MonEcoCity in Nantes.
C. Evain gave [...]

Minute 1 _ Que Manger

WebStrat: First meeting

Date: Thursday, February 14, 2013.     12:15
People attending: Mrs. Reveillaud                / Pierre Curis, Damien Grandjean and Alexis Marcellin
Project: Que Manger

Work has not already really started. Only a few contacts with the different people have been made in order to schedule appointments for a better understanding of our tasks, because [...]

Minute meeting E.I

Minute meeting Info tutor

Minute 2 _ Que Manger

WebStrat: Second meeting
Date: March, Friday 33              12:40
People attending: Mrs. Reveillaud                / Pierre Curis, Damien Grandjean and Alexis Marcellin
Project: Que Manger


We presented our work: we have made a first layout of the blog with WordPress. The main parts are a slideshow at the top, links to the website and to [...]

Minute – Create a collaboratif website for conseil de developpement de loire sillon

This is our meetings resume with our  clients and our clients
1st mtg_1
2nd mtg
1st meeting

Organisation: Conseil de développement de Loire et Sillon
Client : Thomas FORNAISE
Tutors:  Christine EVAIN, Myriam SERVIERE
Students: Qi SHEN, Lisa TAKAGI, Yifeng SUN(responsible)
Meeting with Christine EVAIN
When we had first meeting with Ms Christine Evain, we had not seen our client yet so we had gone through [...]

My City Quest’s Marketing Minutes

Here are our minutes for our two meetings with Christine Reveillaud about the marketing part of our project, an e-tourism app called MyCityQuest.
1st marketing Follow up meeting
2nd Marketing Follow up meeting

Meeting minutes – Handisup

Please find below our second intermediary minutes
Second intermediary meeting minutes Handisup
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First intermediary meeting minutes

TEDx – 2nd meeting with our CLE tutor (11 March)

Minute of the 11 March meeting with our CLE tutor.
TEDx Website