Inmas case-study coca-cola vs pepsi, group Haldebique/Royer

Coca Cola VS Pepsi
Here is our Inmas presentation.

Speach Social Media Marketing – Group A – MAUGARD/MAILLE

Here you can find our speach about Social Media Marketing :
Social Media Marketing Speach
Alexandre Maille
Cyril Maugard
Group A

INMAS Presentation – SEO – Group A

Hi everybody,
Here is our presentation PowerPoint (17/02/2014). All links, including the video, are inside.
Search Engine Optimization

Internet marketing strategy’s presentation – Online Advertising

Hello everyone,
The presentation about “Online Advertising” (on February 10th, 2014) is now available. You can check the .pdf file, where you will find the link to all the videos in YouTube.
Online Advertising Presentation (by Patrícia HENRIQUES NALLIN)
To learn a little bit more about Google Adsense and Facebook advertising, take a look on the following videos:

Minute 1 _ Que Manger

WebStrat: First meeting

Date: Thursday, February 14, 2013.     12:15
People attending: Mrs. Reveillaud                / Pierre Curis, Damien Grandjean and Alexis Marcellin
Project: Que Manger

Work has not already really started. Only a few contacts with the different people have been made in order to schedule appointments for a better understanding of our tasks, because [...]

Email Marketing

Here is the EmailMarketing presentation.

INMAS presentation : Mobile Marketing

Here is our presentation of Mobile Marketing : INMAS – Mobile marketing, Veret-wibaux.
Guillaume WIBAUX and Antoine VERET

Presentation of INMAS

Here is our presentation, mobile marketing.
Mobile Marketing Presentation group B

Search Engine Optimisation Presentation

SEO presentation

Minute – Create a collaboratif website for conseil de developpement de loire sillon

This is our meetings resume with our  clients and our clients
1st mtg_1
2nd mtg
1st meeting

Organisation: Conseil de développement de Loire et Sillon
Client : Thomas FORNAISE
Tutors:  Christine EVAIN, Myriam SERVIERE
Students: Qi SHEN, Lisa TAKAGI, Yifeng SUN(responsible)
Meeting with Christine EVAIN
When we had first meeting with Ms Christine Evain, we had not seen our client yet so we had gone through [...]