FAQ for students

About the program

Is the program more marketing-oriented or development oriented?

The program is perfectly balanced! Among the four courses of the program, two are given by the Foreign Languages and Corporate Culture Department and two by the Computer Science department. The projects will be balanced as well: each group will have two tutors, one from each department.

What are the pre-requisites in Computer Science for this program?

No more than the mandatory computer science courses (ALGPR, MELOG). Obviously, having taken eOSINF and dSIBAD will be helpful as these courses respectively focus on basic web languages and information systems and databases.

Will all courses be given in English?

Yes, except for some conferences given by professionals.

Will the evaluation be linked to my English level?

No. The evaluation will be based on the way students achieve the various goals assigned to them. Teachers will not base the evaluation on the students’ English skills. But speaking and writing in English during courses will be mandatory.

Will this semester course be useful to me if I’m planning to  continue my studies in a business program (for example at Audencia)?

This depends on you. If you succeed in realizing an impressive project, it will definitely help you for your application, as it will be visible on the Web.

Will I improve in computer science?

Yes. You will mainly improve in Web technologies and database queries languages, and you will also cover all aspects related to computer science which are generally not taught in academic programs: hosting, outsourcing, maintenance, scalability,…

About the projects

Can I propose my own project? For example, can I propose a project related to my personal activities (such as BDA, BDE)?

Definitely yes. You can propose any web-related projects. The teaching staff will determine whether the projects includes the required contents. Even if you do not take part in our program, you may suggest web-development projects.

Please note that if you follow the program, you will not be authorized to be both prescriber of a project and developper on the same project.

Do all projects require a development task?

Yes, all projects have to have both a marketing and a development tasks.

I want to do my own project hunting. Where can I find the guidance I need?

Check out the information on the Serveur pédagogique (WESDINFO: the “Web Project” file): you will find useful tools and tips that will help you define your own project hunting strategy.