Kosmopolead Project – Final Documents

Project Outline

The main objective of this project is to improve the relationship between Kosmopolead and people who are part of this network, allowing them to discover, each time a little more about what the site can offer them according to their will.

In this sense, the project will initially achieve a state of the art of existing ludoriels on the web and elsewhere. We will then be able to select the most advanced tools and best suited to the platform and Kosmopolead user profiles . Finally, we develop the ludoriels for Kosmopolead’s tools based on stages of discovery by the user which we have previously scripted.


Project Outline

Project’s Result

First Meeting – Vincent Tourre

Second Meeting – Vincent Tourre

Project Presentation

UNA Project: Full report (Favio Escobar/Maxime Moro)

Please find attached our full report and our presentation support.
This project involved the creation of a website which replaces the current website of the Université de Nantes Rowing Club.
We worked on 2 different aspects:
-Design Part
-Implementation of a web application managing Articles on the website. (Post, edit, delete, see Articles according to your rights as a Visitor, Member, Supervisor or Amdinistrator)

Pieces attached:



Minutes of the meeting


Prony Consulting project report (Larissa de Andrade Gaulia and Vinicius Pretto de Souza)



AER Project final Report (Group Boussejra/Haldebique/Royer)

Here is the final report for our Webstrat Project. We achieved to merge their 9 old Access 97 databases into one MySQL Database and import all of their data. We also created a web application to allow users to post observations online operating with play! Frameworks. It is fully operable: members can subscribe and post observations while experts can check, edit data and analyze them.

Project Outline

2 Minutes

Project Results

Documentation Témoin

Documentation pour expert

Documentation pour administrateur

AER project oral presentation

Minutes of the 2nd meeting with technical tutor

Second meeting with technical tutor – Guillaume Moreau

April 16th, 2014

We discussed the following topics:

Website domain: We must check with whom he bought the domain name from. Then we just have to make it point to the new website done with Wordpress.

Web hosting: He uses Office 365. We need to check if the domain is attached to the web hosting service and if it’s possible to dissociate one from the other. If not, we should find a way to migrate smoothly from the old domain to the new one. One solution would be using iFrame but then we would have issues with the robots.

Contact and recruitment forms : check Wordpress plug-ins

Database: discover where his current database is stored

Larissa de Andrade Gaulia

Vinicius Pretto de Souza

Minutes of the Meeting 12/02: C. Evain – UNA

On the beginning of the meeting, we discussed about what we had already done, mainly about the scope statement. We explained to C. Evain that we were not to use CMS like Wordpress, given that Mickael Tardy was against it.

Then, she challenged us with questions about the Marketing side of the project. To be specific, she advised us to raise questions like:
- How does Mickael store his database?
- How will he contact people on a given event?
- Does he have a precise strategy for contacting these people.

Lastly, we suggested that we could get in touch with the UNA’s coach, which is mainly in charge of the Club communication. C. Evain encouraged us to do so, we will talk to Mickael about it.


Minutes of the Meeting 13/03: Morgan Magnin, UNA

This meeting was the opportunity to make final adjustments to our scope statement, which was produced and sent a week before the day of the meeting.

We discussed several points about it:
- The design part is missing from it.
- Some points about the Use Case were to be updated (every action should appear only once, links)

Besides, we talked about the fact that we should consider the problematic of accessibility. We are going to discuss it further with Mickael Tardy on our next meeting.

Finally, we also need to speak with Mickael about the management of the DataBase. Are we supposed to manage it or not?

We are to send the final version of the scope statement to Morgan Magnin before next Monday (17/03).


Minutes of the meetings with C.EVAIN Project Evhunt

Here you can find the document,

Meetings with Christine Evain

Sorry for being late,


M. Forneris, J. Fougeray, F. Hamelin

Speach.me case study Baraka Brass Band and powerPoint presentation Vinicius and Larissa

Here you can find our presentation on Speach.me and our powerPoint.

baraka brass band ppt presentation

Introductory video to Gambling Websites

Hello everyone,

Here you can find the introductory video to our presentation about Gambling Websites.


Thank you.