First Minute Project AER

Client: AER Nantes

Group: Boussejra / Haldebique / Royer

First minute : meeting with Christine Evain on the 07/02/2013.

We talked about our advancement in the project:

-We met the clients two times in order to define the specifications of the project and have a good understanding of their need.

-We chose to work with the following tools: MySQL, Play frameworks, Git, VirtualBox (in order to be able to use access97, which is used for the old database).

- We started working on the database diagram and on the application’s interface.

-We have a third meeting with the client Friday to see if our diagram and our interface correspond to their expectations.

Christine Evain told us that we had to keep having contacts with our client and that we started our project quite well.

Minutes of our first meeting

Minutes of our first meeting with C. Evain  -  04/02/2014

We briefly described the aim of the project and how we think we will carry it. We already had a Skype interview with Guillaume Poignon, and we will meet him again on Friday with Gaelle Le Rezollier, President of the association MonEcoCity in Nantes.

C. Evain gave us some interesting ideas to explore, such as:

-        Visit, particularly for its categories and search tool.

-        Stay in contact with the group working on the travel services platform

-        Think about a gamification strategy: it can be very useful to help people think about all they can share.

Our technical tutor will be Jean-Yves Martin, we will contact him as soon as we will be sure to have technical questions to ask.

We also had a short talk about the final report of the project. It will be important to present everything, every aspect we will have worked on, even if we haven’t implemented them (like the business model, the deployment part, etc…)

Group Ibrahima Ouattara – Félix Tournoux – Maxime Dô


We have formed a group and we’d like to work on the eZoomBook Accessibility project.

Best Regards,


We are posting this message to announce that we want to work on the Kosmopolead ludoriel project.
We have informed Arnaud Sander of our candidacy and are waiting for his answer.

If couldn’t get this project, we would be interested in the 2 following projects of which we have informed the tutors :

- Sounderbox

- Développement d’un CLICK TO TCHAT et CLICK TO CALL
Best Regards,
Eric Lalevée, Hugo Berreby and Patricia HENRIQUES NALLIN

Group Giannuzzi/Hoang Kim/Staouite

Good evening,

We are Guillaume Giannuzzi, Julie Hoang Kim and Nada Staouite.

We would like to work on the Kosmolead subject. Indeed, we sent an e-mail to the tutor of this project explaining why we are interested in his project.
However, if we really can’t have this project, we are interested in these projects too :
Projet de plateforme de consommation collaborative

Best regards,

Julie Hoang Kim

Group Enaud / Menudier / Robert


We are Victor Enaud, Geoffray Menudier and Joséphine Robert.

We want to work on the project of Guillaume Poignon “Projet de plateforme de consommation collaborative”, and we already contacted Guillaume Poignon.

He told us that he was willing to work with us, and we are scheduling a first meeting on the project with him.

Best regards,

Group Fougeray/Forneris/Hamelin


We’d like to work on the Evhunt project, which consists in redesigning the already existing website.

If we cannot choose this project, we can work on the Association de Plagioencéphalie project.

Best regards.

Group Boussejra Haldebique Royer


our group is composed of Malik Boussejra, Geoffroy Haldebique and Johan Royer and we choose to work on the following project: “Création d’un dispositif de gestion et de cartographie de données entomologiques et développement d’une apps mobile”.

We already agreed  with the AER representative, Muriel Oger, to work together.

Also a meeting has been planed friday after several mails with her.

Best Regards

Group : Favio Escobar – Maxime Moro

We would like to candidate for the refonte of the UNA site.
Our team is composed of Favio Escobar and Maxime Moro.

We have already got in touch with Mickael who told us that there was nobody else applying at this time.



Group Briand/Maille/Maugard

Our choice is the Novatrip project.

We have called Cécile Pellat and she has mailed us that she has chosen our group for the project.

BRIAND Erwan, MAILLE Alexandre and MAUGARD Cyril