At École Centrale de Nantes, we offer students the possibility to follow a semester program dedicated to web strategies and development. It consists in both theoretical courses and applied projects.

This program results from the collaboration of the Communication, Foreign Languages and Corporate Culture Department and the Computer Science and Mathematics Department. Courses focus both on marketing and technical issues related to web strategies.

We want to make this program an enriching opportunity for our students to be confronted with real-life industrial case studies. That is why they have to work in groups on a 4-month project with an outside partner. If you are interested in offering our students a challenging project, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

Below, we  will give you a summary of the courses taught to students in the context of this “Web strategies and development” program:

Marketing based courses

ECUE1: Internet marketing strategy

Main Teacher: Christine Evain
: to understand the strategies of Internet marketing.
Course description: Course based on Internet marketing case studies and textbooks on web marketing (John Arnold, Ian Lurie, etc.):
8 chapters: Web presence, Search engine optimisation, Web analytics, Online advertising and pay per click, Email marketing, Blogging and podcasting, Social media marketing, Mobile marketing.

ECUE2: Internet and current events

Main Teacher: Christine Réveillaud
Objective: to explore the use of internet and its interaction with other media through current events in politics and business. Groups of 12-18 students.
Course description: Course based on current and recent events in both the political and business arenas. The use of Internet to communicate and share information as well as strategies such as viral marketing, buzz marketing, blogs etc. to influence public/customer opinion and behaviour. Links and contrasts with more traditional media (print, TV, radio).

Computer science based courses

ECUE3: General Web concepts

Main Teacher: Morgan Magnin
Objective: to introduce the general concepts underlying web applications design and realization
Course description:

ECUE4: Hands on Web applications

Main Teacher: Myriam Servières
Objective: to introduce web development methods and to have the students practice on a small case study
Course description: