TA Project Summary

summary: Social Media – Resume
glossary: Social media – glossary
podcast: not published here (too big)
Team :
•Adrien Bethuys •Anthony Le Jallé •Guillaume Chauvet •Guillaume Ducret •Marine Lannic •Eric Lebon •Michael Lumbroso Benoit Vandevelde

Visual summary of 2010 projects

The following animation shows a visual summary of 2010 projects. Please enrich it by sending images to Guillaume Moreau with snapshots of your projects! PNG format for images is better, max resolution is 1024×768. Also send me your website URL once they are up and running.
Thank you in advance for contributing to this gallery, it [...]

S4 TA Web Marketing: Tracking results

here are the files for the chapter “Tracking results”
Our power point presentation: Presentation
Our summary, Quizz, Mindmap, Glossary, list of useful videos,…    Tracking results
And our podcast: podcast
The working team:
Jean-Baptiste BONNAUD
Antoine SELLAM

Last two requirements

Today is your last day, so before you go, don’t forget the last two requirements for your evaluation:
Written report: please print it out (if you haven’t brought it to us on the day of your evaluation you can put it in Christine Evain’s pigeon-hole)!
in 4 parts: ‘Project Outline’ + one-page summary of the project’s results + minutes of the [...]

S4 TA WebMarketing : Search engine optmization

Here are the files of our TA, subject: Search engine optmization :
Presentation: Power Point Presentation – SEO
Summary: Summary – SEO
Glossary, Quiz and List of videos : List of videos – Quiz – Glossary – SEO
Mind-Map: Mind-map – SEO
Podcast: Podcast – SEO
Amon Ra Paixão Chaves
Victorien Foret
Xavier Fontaine
Elsa Arrou-Vignod
Sebastien Keller
Marc Luu Van Lang
Eric Berthe

S4 TA WebMarketing :: Email Marketing

Here are the files of our TA for CLE department courses…
Presentation: EMail Marketing – Presentation
Summary: EMail Marketing – Summary
Keywords & Glossary: EMail Marketing – Keywords
MindMap: EMail Marketing – MindMap
Quiz: EMail Marketing – Quiz
Quiz Solutions: EMail Marketing – Quiz Solutions
Podcast: EMail Marketing – Podcast
Dimitri Moreau
Flavio Raposo
Francisco Gutierrez
Julia Feste
Pierre-Olivier Jouanny
Sophie Courtay

Final Report – AMoussetProject

Here is our “Final Report”, and two other documents documents we wrote, “Manuel d’utilisation du site” et “Recommendations” :
Final Report
Manuel d’utilisation du site
We also designed a marketing brochure :
Maquette AMbleu1 v4
AMbleu1-avec planete-eng
Our website is available at http://www.audemoussettranslations.com/
The website we presented to the client and during our oral presentation of yesterday was on a “page perso” [...]

S4 TA Projects for CLE classes / Blogging and Podcasting

Here is our one single file for the chapter “BLOGGING AND PODCASTING” :
Our Power point presentation : Blogging and Podcasting
Our podcast : http://vimeo.com/11266488
Our quiz : Blogging and Podcasting quiz, Blogging and Podcasting quiz
Our mind-map : Blogging and Podcasting mind map
Our list of videos links : List of video links
Our glossary : Glossary
Our half-page summary : [...]

BDA – Second meeting with tutors – minutes

Here come the minutes of the second meeting :
Second contact
As usual, feel free to ask questions or anything.

Meetings with tutors – Chritine Tessier’s project

Meeting-Minutes Report (1)
Place:Centrale Nantes 16/02/2010
Julien Biger
Cassandre Marquois
Hélène Florent
Murielle Hadad
Vincent Tourre
Angela Chelet
First agenda item. Presentation of the activity of our client, her will to have a new site, the kind of site she wants.
Second agenda item. Write specifications : goals and deadlines.
Tentative agenda for the next meeting
• Suggest specifications
• Think about mindmaps for the structure of [...]